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About us

Science Centric is an international news portal, specialised in delivering breaking news about the latest scientific discoveries. Main topics covered include physics, chemistry, geology and palaeontology, biology, environment, astronomy, health, and technology.

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News staff
— Dr Stanislav Abadjiev, Sofia, Bulgaria — e-mail: (senior editor, [biology, astronomy], media releases)
— Mr Dirk Louy, Toenisvorst, Germany — (associate editor [biology, environmental issues])
— Dr Zsolt Balint, Budapest, Hungary — (associate editor [biology])
— Mrs Sissy Simonis, Muenchen, Germany — (photographer)

For general e-mail enquiries use our contact form, otherwise contact the senior editor [e-mail above].

For academies and institutes, we provide free publishing of media releases. Send us these using our online submission form or directly to e-mail: .