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Superconductor cable will surpass records in current intensity for the electricity network

— 7 Jan 2008 16:30 | Physics

The SUPERCABLE project, jointly presented by the Institute of Material Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), belonging to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Research Park, the Universitat…

Crystal-to-metal: transformation on the nanoscale

— 13 Dec 2007 21:44 | Chemistry

Unique 'near-field' microscopy at the MPI of Biochemistry allowed, for the first time, viewing on the nanoscale the spontaneous appearance and growth of metallic puddles that mark the…

Paying peanuts for clean water

— 8 Nov 2007 07:15 | Environment

Researchers in Turkey have turned to peanut husks to help them clean up industrial effluent. Writing in the Inderscience publication the International Journal of Environment and Pollution,…

A conductive plastic fights corrosion

— 3 Nov 2007 02:55 | Chemistry

Corrosion is the process by which a material breaks down due to reactions with its surroundings, usually by means of oxidation. It poses great problems to our society, making it the…

New magnet design

— 31 Oct 2007 23:16 | Physics

Engineers at Florida State University's National High Magnetic Field Laboratory have successfully tested a groundbreaking new magnet design that could literally shed new light on nanoscience…

Platinum-rich shell, platinum-poor core

— 23 Oct 2007 21:07 | Chemistry

Hydrogen fuel cells will power the automobiles of the future; however, they have so far suffered from being insufficiently competitive. At the University of Houston, Texas, USA, a team…

Path for designing novel nanomaterials

— 11 Oct 2007 20:56 | Physics

A University of Arkansas researcher and his colleagues have found a novel way to 'look' at atomic orbitals, and have directly shown for the first time that they change substantially…

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