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Exotic flowers help bees stay busy in winter

— 19 Mar 2010 14:55 | Environment

Recent years have seen an unusual rise in the number of bees about in the cold winter months, and scientists are now beginning to find out why…

Climate may keep beautiful killer plant in check

— 18 Mar 2010 13:00 | Environment

The flowering plant - purple loosestrife - has been heading north since it was first introduced from Europe to the eastern seaboard 150 years ago. This exotic invader chokes out native…

Invasive plants are beneficiaries of climate change in Thoreau's woods

— 4 Feb 2010 11:31 | Biology

Invasive plants could become even more prevalent and destructive as climate change continues, according to a new analysis of data stretching back more than 150 years…

Study predicts effect of global warming on spring flowers

— 18 Sep 2009 12:54 | Environment

An international study involving Monash University mathematician Dr Malcolm Clark has been used to demonstrate the impact of global warming and to predict the effect further warming…

New research sheds light on the origins and success of flowering plants

— 3 Sep 2009 14:39 | Biology

Flowering plants are all around us and are phenomenally successful - but how did they get to be so successful and where did they come from? This question bothered Darwin and others…

The blossoms of maturity

— 21 Aug 2009 13:03 | Biology

Why do some plants blossom even when days are short and grey? Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology have found the answer to this question: An endogenous…

Darwin's mystery explained

— 13 Jul 2009 14:34 | Geology and palaeontology

The appearance of many species of flowering plants on Earth, and especially their relatively rapid dissemination during the Cretaceous (approximately 100 million years ago) can be attributed…

Scientists solve poppy puzzle with new gene discovery

— 31 May 2009 17:00 | Biology

Scientists at the University of Birmingham have identified an elusive male gene in the field poppy that stops self - fertilisation, a mechanism that prevents inbreeding, and promotes…

University of Florida study provides insight into evolution of first flowers

— 19 May 2009 12:45 | Biology

Charles Darwin described the sudden origin of flowering plants about 130 million years ago as an abominable mystery, one that scientists have yet to solve…

Plant biologists discover gene that switches on 'essence of male'

— 21 Mar 2009 18:30 | Biology

Biologists at the University of Leicester have published results of a new study into plant sex - and discovered that a particular gene switches on 'the essence of male.' The study takes…

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