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Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala University, founded in 1477, is the oldest university in Sweden with venerable traditions from Linnaeus, Celsius, Angstrom and at the same time the newest. The university rests on the stable ground of scientific and educational experience within the eight faculties of Theology, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, History-Philosophy, Languages, Social Sciences, and Science and Technology. There is also a new virtual IT Faculty for research and education. Uppsala University has one of Sweden's largest faculties of science and technology and the only faculty of pharmacy. Today Uppsala University has 37 000 students and 5 500 employees.
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Sterility in frogs caused by environmental pharmaceutical progestogens

— 17 Feb 2011 18:36 | Biology

Frogs appear to be very sensitive to progestogens, a kind of pharmaceutical that is released into the environment. Female tadpoles that swim in water containing a specific progestogen,…

High blood pressure may be caused by mutation in adrenal gland

— 11 Feb 2011 15:57 | Health

High blood pressure may in some cases be caused by benign hormone-producing tumours of the adrenal cortex. A joint Swedish-American research effort has now uncovered a genetic cause…

Extreme X-ray pulses create unique image of intact virus

— 3 Feb 2011 17:51 | Biology

An international research team has managed to capture an image of an intact virus and a membrane structure from a photosynthetic bacterium with the aid of extremely intensive and ultra-short…

Breakthrough for more efficient drug development

— 19 Jan 2011 17:17 | Health

Developing new drugs is a highly costly and time-consuming process. Of 20 candidates, 19 are normally rejected because they don't work or have unwanted side effects. Now a research…

Unexpectedly small effects of mutations in bacteria bring new perspectives

— 6 Nov 2010 16:21 | Health

Most mutations in the genes of the Salmonella bacterium have a surprisingly small negative impact on bacterial fitness. And this is the case regardless whether they lead to changes…

Burning pain and itching governed by same nerve cells

— 5 Nov 2010 13:12 | Health

There are disorders and conditions that entail increased itching and can be extremely troublesome for those suffering from it. The mechanisms behind itching are not well understood…

Warmer climate entails increased release of carbon dioxide by inland lakes

— 22 Jul 2010 09:44 | Environment

Much organically bound carbon is deposited on inland lake bottoms. A portion remains in the sediment, sometimes for thousands of years, while the rest is largely broken down to carbon…

New discovery brings hope to treatment of incurable blood cancer

— 17 Jul 2010 13:25 | Health

Multiple myeloma is one of the most common blood cancers, and at present considered to be incurable. In a new study from Uppsala University, researchers now present a conceptually new…

Mutations directly identifiable in active genes

— 13 Apr 2010 10:02 | Health

Researchers at Uppsala University have developed a new method for identifying genetic variation, including mutations, in active genes. Hopes are strong that the method represents an…

Stone Age Scandinavians unable to digest milk

— 2 Apr 2010 14:05 | Biology

The hunter-gatherers who inhabited the southern coast of Scandinavia 4,000 years ago were lactose intolerant. This has been shown by a new study carried out by researchers at Uppsala…

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