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Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

The only accredited school of public health in New York City, and among the first in the nation, Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health provides instruction and research opportunities to more than 1000 graduate students in pursuit of masters and doctoral degrees. Its students and more than 300 multi-disciplinary faculty engage in research and service in the city, nation, and around the world, concentrating on biostatistics, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, health policy and management, population and family health, and sociomedical sciences.
News articles associated with 'Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health' [chronologically, reverse order]

Relationship violence reported by young women linked to overly controlling male partner

— 6 Apr 2011 17:34 | Health

For women, having a male partner who exhibits controlling behaviours such as limiting contact with friends and insisting on knowing one's whereabouts at all times, may be associated…

Fatal respiratory infections in endangered gorillas are linked to human contact

— 31 Mar 2011 15:45 | Health

In a study published online this week in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, an international team of researchers report that a virus that causes respiratory disease in humans…

Enhanced early childhood education pays long-term dividends in better health

— 15 Jan 2011 15:18 | Health

Intensive early education programs for low-income children have been shown to yield numerous educational benefits, but few studies have looked more broadly at their impact on health…

Higher co-payments increase chance of early discontinuation of breast cancer therapy

— 12 Dec 2010 15:28 | Health

A higher prescription co-payment, especially among older women, is associated with both early discontinuation and incomplete use of adjuvant aromatase inhibitor therapy, a life-saving…

Stigma deters those with alcohol disorders from seeking treatment

— 3 Dec 2010 17:08 | Health

Despite the existence of effective programs for treating alcohol dependencies and disorders, less than a quarter of people who are diagnosed actually seek treatment. In a recent study…

Despite highest health spending, Americans' life expectancy falls behind other countries'

— 8 Oct 2010 14:03 | Health

America continues to lag behind other nations when it comes to gains in life expectancy, and commonly cited causes for our poor performance - obesity, smoking, traffic fatalities and…

A better way to treat HIV-infected children?

— 9 Sep 2010 11:27 | Health

Nevirapine is widely used to help prevent mother-to-child transmission of the HIV virus. In cases where the infants are nonetheless infected with HIV virus at birth, the standard treatment…

'Path of mental illness' follows path of war, 20 years after conflict ends

— 31 Jul 2010 09:08 | Health

Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health assessed the geographical distribution of the long-term burden of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in a region…

New virus may pose risk to wild salmon

— 10 Jul 2010 07:36 | Biology

Farmed fish are an increasingly important food source, with a global harvest now at 110 million tons and growing at more than 8 percent a year. But epidemics of infectious disease threaten…

Discovery of a hepatitis C-related virus in bats may reduce outbreaks in humans

— 2 Jul 2010 10:11 | Health

Viral hepatitis affects more than 500 million people worldwide and is a cause of liver failure and liver cancer. While vaccines are available for hepatitis A and B, this is not the…

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